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Velobin – Tough, strong 100% waterproof bicycle luggage

  • Fits virtually all bicycle racks up to 12mm (Oversized Top Rail available separately)
  • 17.5 litres (4.6 US gallons) / up to 10kg (22lb) per Velobin
  • Lockable & lightweight (1100g / 39oz)
  • Will never flap or snag in your wheel spokes
  • Perfect for hi-visibility stickers
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Built to withstand daily commuting – FREE 5-year warranty!
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Velobins are the original hard luggage for bicycles. Designed, manufactured and assembled exclusively in the UK, Velobins are perfectly suited for British weather!

Unlike soft cycling bags, Velobins are tough, strong and will never leak, tear or fray, never snag in your spokes, and are the ideal base for hi-visibility stickers to help you stand out on the road.

You are buying direct from the UK manufacturer, saving you money and supporting small enterprise:

  • Tough, strong and 100% waterproof
  • Fits virtually all bicycle racks up to 12mm rails as standard (click here for oversized top rails)
  • Lockable
  • Carry up to 10kg per Velobin™ (22 pounds)
  • 17½ litres volume (1,068 cubic inches / 4.6 US gallons)
  • Lightweight (1100g / 39oz)
  • Will never flap or snag in your wheel spokes
  • Perfect for hi-visibility stickers
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic (black parts)
  • Built to withstand daily commuting – FREE 5-year warranty!


Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 420 × 180 × 340 mm

Black, Blue, Red, Yellow


Lockable, None

14 reviews for Velobin

  1. Russell Coop (verified owner)

    Ordered Wednesday evening and had them by Saturday afternoon. Got to say I’m very happy! These are just what I have been looking for. Well designed to fit most any pannier rack and comes with a very handy fitting guide. Highly recommend if you commute as much as I do.

  2. David Daw

    I bought a pair of these years ago when they were known as Bikebins, and I have given them plenty of use. I like the design a great deal; probably the best bit is that when attached to my Topeak Supertourist carrier the lids provide a large, flat loading platform. The copious attachment points on the lids allow bungee cords and straps to then be used to secure bulky items that would normally not be able to be safely carried on a bicycle. This feature does not get the credit it deserves.

    The panniers are indeed waterproof and secure, with the handles allowing them to be fastened to a carrier with a cable lock. They are less accommodating than fabric panniers when it comes to stuffing them with oddly-shaped objects, but that is always going to be the case with hard panniers. The other side of the same coin is the protection offered to the contents if knocked, or scraped.

    When empty the panniers can make quite intrusive drumming noises, especially on poor road surfaces. When they are filled the noises disappear. Once again, this is an unavoidable consequence of their construction and not a criticism as such.

    I very much like these panniers. They are super durable, and very green in their use of recycled plastic. I recommend them without reservation.

  3. Owain Sutton

    I’ve been a regular user of the older BikeBins for many years now, for everything from carrying bags of shopping home from the local market, through to keeping sensitive documents secure. Being confident that you can keep paperwork, clothing or anything else dry, no matter what the conditions, is so helpful when using a bike as your main form of transport.

    The original clasps eventually wore loose, but I only needed to drop a line to Velobin to order replacements, and they couldn’t have been more helpful. The new latches match the original in design, but the material is noticeably less brittle, which makes me confident for their longevity.

  4. Lori Diggle

    Velobin for Artists! Hello – I cycle everyday and the velobin I bought a few months back from you worked a treat, specifically when transporting art materials and other supplies to keep me going during the day . The velobin is very like the kind of art bin lots of art students and professional artists use to carry around paints, brushes, pads of paper etc. I also managed to fit in a camera and tripod, coffee mug, hi vis jacket, lunch box etc

  5. Alan Irving

    I bought one a few years go and it is brilliant. My lap top goes in it with power cable and other bits. Totally waterproof and lockable. You can add lights to it and easily attached to my bike wrack. I have added cable ties to reduce likelihood of it being stolen

  6. Chris

    Bought 2 7 months ago for my e-bike and haven,t looked back. Carry’s everything, tools, clothing, food etc with space to spare. One Velobin has been kitted out with 15 cm memory foam in the base, and carries some clothing and my slr camera and binoculars quite safely despite the bumpy roads. Service was excellent. Will certainly buy again if I need more

  7. Roger (verified owner)

    Really pleased with my Velobin which arrived very promptly. I mostly use my bicycle as my main form of transport so it carries all that I need and keeps it dry and safe. Also I find it so much easier to find stuff in it than when I’ve had fabric panniers.

  8. Paul Hunt

    These paniers are excellent. Large capacity, waterproof and easy to attach and take off. Flat tops also allow for extra equipment to be carried if required.

  9. timothydolan

    I bought two as I wanted a rigid pannier as the soft type cloth panniers were unsightly and hard to fasten up when items put in them.
    Those wonderful panniers are rigid and easy to open and close. They also look terrific on my bike. The reflective vinyl I bought from the store make the panniers stand out even more. Well worth the extra money and should last years. Great customer service as well. Highly recommended

  10. Thomas Sutton (verified owner)

    Really happy with the Velobin for my e-bike, so much so that I’m buying a second. The rigid plastic provides excellent protection and being able to lock the pannier when going into shops is a very useful feature (I’ve secured mine to the bike with a cable lock through the handle).
    It’s also cool to see a smaller UK company doing something completely distinctive. Heartily recommend!

  11. Tony Rust

    I needed hard-cased waterproof panniers and came across Velobin panniers. I bought one pair for my work bike that I use for voluntary work and I can carry my safety helmet, safety coat and overalls in them, with a bit of space to spare, and that’s no mean achievement. I leave these panniers packed for callouts which means that I can’t use them for shopping. I have a pair of three year old Halfords panniers, soft ones, that admittedly cost only half the price of the Velobins, but they’ve reached the stage, after only three years, of sagging and annoyingly they’ve started to catch in the spokes in the rear wheel which has the effect of either popping them off the pannier or of making them unusable. I thought about buying another pair of soft panniers to replace these and then thought, ‘what’s the point, my experience over the years of soft panniers is that they always sag and always end up catching the tyre or the spokes’. So, I’ve bitten the bullet and bought another pair of lockable Velobins that I have far more confidence will last many years without sagging in any way, and they’re waterproof and lockable to boot. I had occasion to require customer support from Velobin and it was first class, the business owner is very proud of his products and stands by the five year warranty without question. Highly recommended.

  12. timothydolan

    I ordered two sets of vinyl stickers for my double Velobin panniers. I bought two panniers so I decided to fit two chevron red and yellow to the rear and two chevron red and white to the front, and believe me they are extremely bright and very reflective. Unfortunately, I can’t upload photos to show you but honestly, they are superb, bright, reflective and very easy to fit. Even during the day they improve your visibility and because the paniers are rigid the stickers hold their shape. Very much worth the investment. If you have any issues or problems the customer service is fantastic and they obviously have a great deal of pride in their product and service.

  13. Nigel (verified owner)

    Excellent pannier for my (perhaps rather niche) purposes of transporting home kitchen waste to allotment compost bin. Responsive customer service in relation to a particular question that arose.

  14. Tara (verified owner)

    Ordered two of these panniers. What intrigued me is they are lockable and waterproof. I received them in the United States very fast which was surprising. I finally used one on my recent vacation. PROS: definitely waterproof – it stormed one night and my bike was outside, absolutely no water leaked in. Love that it is lockable and I also used a padlock; I felt very at ease parking my bike and locking it up to go into museums. Enough room to hold my cycling shoes when I switched shoes for the museum. I easily added a cable to loop through the handle and the bike to lock it to my bike. CONS: none that I have seen so far or have come across. Shipping was expensive to the U.S. but 100% worth it.

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