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What size are Velobins?

External dimensions: 345mm tall, 405mm wide, 220mm deep.
Internal dimensions: 325mm tall, 370mm wide, 170mm deep.
Weight: 1100g (non-lockable), 1125g (lockable).
Volume: 17½ litres

How can I secure my Velobin to my bicycle?

Here’s a few ways you can secure your Velobin™ to your bicycle:
  1. Use a cable lock through the Velobin™ handle to your pannier rack or bicycle frame.
  2. Use a mesh lock (e.g. PacSafe) to lock the entire Velobin™ to your bicycle.
  3. Use cable ties (especially metal cable ties) to permanently fix your Velobin™ to your pannier rack.  This offers good security, especially when used with lockable Velobins.

How tough are Velobins?

Incredibly tough.  Warrantied to carry 10kg (we’ve carried 20kg per pannier in testing).
Made from impact-resistant and UV-resistant 100% recycled plastic, and tested to -27°C/-16°F.
Velobins can carry sharp objects as well as protecting delicate cargo.  Your laptop and electronics are safe, and so is your fresh shopping.
(Heavy loading requires a strong pannier rack and well-built wheels: check all nuts & bolts for tightness, on your Velobin™ and your pannier rack, before carrying heavy loads.)

Are Velobins the same as 'BikeBins'?

Sam Lowings invented the BikeBin in 2008.  Velobin™ is the new name for BikeBin, and they have all the same parts.  The biggest difference is the new plastic polymer used in the Velobin™ is even tougher and more resistant to impact and UV.

How waterproof are Velobins?

Completely.  Forever.

Even the best quality fabric panniers will leak eventually, but Velobins will never leak.  

On fabric panniers, seams wear out, cracks develop in the waterproofing, and water will get in.  Velobins will never tear or split, and are so waterproof you can carry water inside them.  Your electronics and sleeping bag are safe and dry!

Can you fit lights to a Velobin?

Yes, there’s fixing points for lights on each end.  There are also three bungee points around the lid for additional cargo options.

Can I put stickers on a Velobin™?

Yes, and they look great!  All stickers work well including paper, laminates and vinyl.  Our high-visibility reflective stickers help you to stand out on the road, day & night.

Will Velobins fit my pannier rack?

Velobins fit virtually all pannier racks with rails up to 12mm diameter.  Measure the diameter of the wire/rods/tubes of your pannier rack, to be certain. For oversized racks of 16mm or 22mm diameter you will need to order an Oversized Top Rail.  Oversized Top Rails can be fitted to your Velobin™ at the time of ordering at no extra cost by using the discount code: OVERSIZED (use code OVERSIZED2 if ordering 2 x Velobins).

Can you fit Velobins to e-bikes? Folding bikes? Front pannier racks?

Yes!  One customer has even fitted a Velobin™ to a scooter…

(To fit Velobins to a Brompton, you will need a full-sized pannier rack, like this example: https://www.kinetics-online.co.uk/folding-bikes/brompton/brompton-pannier-rack/)

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