About Us

The idea for the bike bin came from retired petroleum engineer Sam Lowings, while on a cycle ride from Exeter to Vladivostok.  Cycling 13,720km, Sam was plagued with wet or damaged pannier bag contents and set about fixing the world of soft pannier bags upon his return to the British isles. 

Velobins are the original world’s first hard luggage designed for bicycles.  Designed, manufactured and assembled exclusively in the UK, Velobins are perfectly suited for British weather!

Unlike soft cycling bags, Velobins are tough, strong and will never leak, never snag in your spokes, and are the ideal base for hi-visibility stickers to help you stand out on the road.

We are a small UK business, standing out in the crowded cycling market with a combination of brilliant engineering and sheer hard work.  This is our first manufacturing start-up, and it’s as big an adventure for us as Sam’s original bike ride!